Credo Cyber Consulting LLC Nominated as an Outstanding Cybersecurity Consultancy for the 2022 Cyber Outstanding Performance Awards

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y., November 29, 2022 – Antoinette King, PSP, founder of Credo Cyber Consulting LLC, has been nominated as an outstanding cybersecurity consultancy for the 2022 Cyber Outstanding Performance Awards (Cyber OSPAs). The Cyber OSPAs were launched in 2021 to recognize the success of cybersecurity companies, teams, individuals, products, and initiatives.

Credo Cyber Consulting was established in 2020, working with public and private organizations to build comprehensive security programs that equip companies with the essential tools to protect their assets and customers from physical and cybersecurity threats. In 2022, Consulting expanded its governance, risk, and compliance services, providing strategic counsel in building cybersecurity policies and procedures that comply with regulatory standards while supporting clients’ business objectives.  Additionally, this year, Antoinette King published her first book, “The Digital Citizen’s Guide to Cybersecurity: How to Be Safe and Empowered Online,” a playbook for companies, educational institutions, and families to build cybersecurity programs in their homes and workplaces.

“It is an absolute honor to have been selected as one of the finalists for the Cyber OSPAs, and to be among the top internationally-recognized cybersecurity consultancies,” shares Antoinette King, founder of Credo Cyber Consulting. “I have a unique opportunity to work with organizations and individuals to strengthen their cybersecurity posture, promote a security mindset, and educate my clients on the risks and threat landscape we face. Promoting cybersecurity awareness does not stop at the office doors – we are all responsible for ensuring cybersecurity in our homes, schools, and working environments. All citizens should be empowered to protect themselves, their businesses, and families from cyber threats.”

Credo Cyber Consulting founder Antoinette King has been recognized this year as the recipient of the ASIS Karen Marquez award for her excellence in security leadership and advancement for women in the security industry. She is the recipient of the Security Industry Association (SIA) 2022 Chairman’s Award and is an SIA Women in Security Power 100 honoree for efforts in advancing diversity, inclusion, innovation, and leadership in the security community. Additionally, King is a founding member of Moms in Security Global Outreach, a nonprofit organization providing security industry resources to law enforcement with the mission of ending human trafficking and child exploitation.

The 2022 Cyber OSPAs winners will be announced at the Cyber OSPAs Awards Dinner taking place after the Thought Leadership Summit, located at the Novotel London West, in London, England, on December 15, 2022.


About Credo Cyber Consulting

 Credo Cyber Consulting is a Middletown, New York-based cybersecurity consultancy with the mission to empower and educate clients to secure and protect the most critical assets within their organization. Founder Antoinette King has over 21 years of experience in the security industry, and Credo Cyber Consulting was formed out of a passion for creating synergy between physical and cybersecurity. Credo Cyber Consulting works with private, public, and government organizations to assess security needs, identify the tools and information structures needed to defend against security threats, educate organizations, and foster a culture of security.