Security solutions for the digital age

Our mission is to empower and educate our clients to secure and protect the most critical assets within their organization.

With over 21 years of experience in the security industry, Credo Cyber Consulting was formed out of a passion for creating synergy between physical and cybersecurity.

The advent of a digital workforce brings new levels of productivity and a new culture of how we work but has exposed new security risks. The modern “work from anywhere” ethos only further distances and potentially reverts the culture of security that a brick-and-mortar office may provide. With sound security policies on devices and remote access, any organization can embrace the benefits of workforce flexibility without compromising a hard-build security infrastructure.

As your trusted security consultant, Credo Cyber Consulting will work together to assess your security needs, identify the tools and information structures needed to defend against security threats, educate your organization, and foster a culture of security.

Core Values



Trust is the foundational core value that Credo Cyber Consulting was built on. As your trusted advisor, we will take on your security needs, mission, and values, to create resilient security programs. We will make your business more secure and your brand more trustworthy.



Transparency allows us to have open and honest communication throughout our work together. When you work with Credo Cyber Consulting, we will advise you and create the kinds of security systems that are immediately applicable and grow with your organization.



Innovation is how we grow. There is always a better way, and we must continually assess and find the best practices and resources to protect your organization from threats. At Credo Cyber Consulting, we are always seeking the best in class tools, technologies, and partnerships, to provide you with the greatest value.

About Antoinette King, Founder of Credo Cyber

Antoinette King



Antoinette King, PSP has 21 years of experience in the security industry, holding roles including Engineered Systems Specialist, Operations Manager, Regional Sales Manager, and Key Account Manager.

Antoinette founded Credo Cyber Consulting in 2020 with the goal of providing her clients a holistic perspective on security, bridging the gap between the physical and cybersecurity domains focusing on data privacy and protection.

Education & Certifications

Board-Certified Physical Security Professional (PSP), as well as a certified Data Privacy Protection Specialist (DPPS). She has an associate degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science in Managing Security Systems, and Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity Policy and Risk Management. Antoinette has presented on data privacy and cybersecurity in several capacities including webinars and in person engagements. She has also published articles on the topics of cybersecurity, data privacy, creating an insider threat programs, and digital citizenship.

Security Industry Cybersecurity Certification (SICC)

Association for Data and Cyber Governance (ADGC) – Certified Data Privacy Protection Specialist

ASIS International – Certified Physical Security Professional (PSP)

Axis Communications Certified Professional

Utica University, MS, Cybersecurity Policy & Risk Assessment; Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Utica University, MS, Cybersecurity Policy & Risk Assessment; Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Cyber AB - Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) - Registered Practitioner Credential ID CMMC Professional Number: 4942

Memberships & Affiliates

Chair – Publications Committee

ASIS Women in Security is an open community for all ASIS members interested in security issues related to women in security. This community aims to provide support and assistance to women in the security field, as well as inspire those interested in entering the profession.

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visit Women in Security on LinkedIn.

Co-Chair – Cybersecurity Advisory Board
Member – Data Privacy Advisory Board
Member – Women in Security Forum

The Security Industry Association’s mission is to be a catalyst for success within the global security industry through information, insight, and influence. As a not-for-profit trade organization driven by volunteers, SIA provides education, certification, standards, advocacy, and influential events which connect the industry.

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visit Security Industry Association.

Member – NY Metro Chapter
Chair – Commercial Facilities Working Group
Co-chair – Electronic Security Cross-Sector Council

InfraGard is a proactive collaboration between the FBI and the private sector to protect our nation’s Critical Infrastructure.

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visit New York Metro InfraGard Members Alliance.

Women in Cybersecurity (WiCys), Member

WiCyS is a global community of women, allies, and advocates, dedicated to bringing talented women together to celebrate and foster their passion and drive for cybersecurity.

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visit Women in Cybersecurity.

Moms in Security Global Outreach (MISGO), Founding Member

Moms in security is a volunteer organization committed to helping support the rescue efforts and aftercare of abused and trafficked children.

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visit Moms in Security.

IFSEC Global, Judging Panel Member, Security & Fire Influencers

IFSEC Global Influencer awards are designed to generate positivity across the industry by recognizing the talent and efforts of some of the leading individuals tirelessly working to develop the security and fire safety sectors. Judges play prominent roles in the security and fire sectors across the globe.

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Board Membership

Robotic Assisted Devices (RAD),
Board of Advisors

Sentry Enterprises,
Board of Advisors

Mamakating Public Library,
Board of Advisors

Saint Joseph’s Church,
Board of Trustees