Antoinette King, PSP, Founder of Credo Cyber Consulting LLC, Publishes the Playbook on Cybersecurity for Families in “The Digital Citizen’s Guide to Cybersecurity: How to Be Safe and Empowered Online”

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y, November 18, 2022 – Antoinette King, PSP, founder of Credo Cyber Consulting LLC, announces the publication of her book, The Digital Citizen’s Guide to Cybersecurity:  How to Be Safe and Empowered Online, a guidebook for families to apply practical cybersecurity practices into their day-to-day social media engagement, internet use, and data sharing to protect their privacy and help to prevent being victimized by criminals.

Drawing from over two decades of award-winning experience in the security industry, King shares in her book how all who engage online can become empowered “digital citizens” by practicing easy and actionable cyber hygiene. The modern workplace, school, and family home are increasingly reliant on digital networks for work, education, and personal connection, and King’s book provides useful toolkits and checklists for all readers to engage in safe internet use, with topics including:

  • Tips and Tricks for Protecting Your Information: Whether sharing family photos and recipes, personal likes and dislikes, the information we share online can very well lead to real-life consequences, including identity theft, personal data monetization, and falling victim to scams.
  • Understanding What You Agree To: Learn how to interpret social media terms and conditions, so users understand their rights and responsibilities before engaging online.
  • Steps for Managing Cyberbullying: An excellent digital citizen knows that their care and consideration for others extend to online communities, and this book provides tools to recognize, manage, and prevent cyberbullying.
  • Don’t Get Hooked: How to Avoid Phishing Scams: Scammers go through extraordinary measures to con people and are continually innovating new ways to trick you into sharing your private information.
  • Tricks for Avoiding Fake News: Leverage critical thinking skills when reading the news to become a more thoughtful and well-informed individual who isn’t quick to jump on a news bandwagon.

“Smart cybersecurity policies from our office and employers must now account for our future of work –a hybrid between the secure networks of our brick-and-mortar offices and the open networks of our homes, which also supports our family’s data sharing, internet, and social media use,” shares author Antoinette King, founder of Credo Cyber Consulting. “The Digital Citizen’s Guide to Cybersecurity: How to Be Safe and Empowered Online” is written for families, educators, and employers, providing essential tools to protect their most important assets, as we all increasingly rely on digital spaces to engage with work, schools, and our communities.”

“With the Digital Citizen’s Guide to Cybersecurity, corporate cybersecurity principles that protect our employer’s information, such as multi-factor authentication and password protection, can now easily be applied to our home offices and family internet engagement,” shares Jeffrey Slotnick, Principal of Setracon Incorporated. “I strongly encourage all families to read Ms. King’s book, it is highly informative, easy to digest, and provides practical steps you can take today to protect yourself, your families, and information from cyber threats.”

Antoinette King, PSP, DPPS, SICC, CMMC-RP, is an award-winning cybersecurity consultant and founder of Credo Cyber Consulting, providing services to empower and educate clients to secure and protect the most critical assets within their organization. King is the recipient of the 2022 ASIS Karen Marquez award for her excellence in security leadership and advancement for women in the security industry. She is the recipient of the Security Industry Association (SIA) 2022 Chairman’s Award and is an SIA Women in Security Power 100 honoree for efforts in advancing diversity, inclusion, innovation, and leadership in the security community. Additionally, King is a founding member of Moms in Security, a nonprofit organization providing security industry resources to law enforcement with the mission of ending human trafficking.
The Digital Citizen’s Guide to Cybersecurity: How to Be Safe and Empowered Online is available for purchase here.


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Credo Cyber Consulting is a Middletown, New York-based cybersecurity consultancy with the mission to empower and educate clients to secure and protect the most critical assets within their organization. Founder Antoinette King has over 21 years of experience in the security industry, and Credo Cyber Consulting was formed out of a passion for creating synergy between physical and cybersecurity. Credo Cyber Consulting works with private, public, and government organizations to assess security needs, identify the tools and information structures needed to defend against security threats, educate organizations, and foster a culture of security.


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